Mercury In Leo


Mercury in Leo gives a steady and courageous mind.

The keyword here is leadership. Natives with Mercury in Leo have a way to “see” how things are working and to express them freely. They may seem at times trying to impose their own point of view onto others, but that’s just because (most of the times) they do have a point. Mercury in Leo makes the native talkative, but in such a way that it entertains the others. It’s not charisma per se, it’s more like the people with this placements are seen as good as what they do, like having a more than common knowledge of the subject. Hence, they can easily satisfy the curiosity of their conversation partners.

Mercury in Leo gives a generous disposition towards friends and relatives, natives tend to enjoy talking to others, exchanging ideas, expressing curiosity and making connections. Shyness is a foreign language word for those people. As a matter of fact they’re often perceived as being a little bit too straightforward. A little bit of restraint in the way they approach people or how do they talk to other may prove beneficial.

If they feel there’s something wrong about a certain topic, they’re quick to express their own opinion and that can lead to a lot of trouble if they’re on a subordinate position. Their strong views about the world and their stubbornness may make them quite difficult to deal with. The good side of this is that, more often than not, they’re right. And if they are proved not to be right, they’re not holding any grudge and they willingly give up.

Mercury in Leo gives a predisposition towards humor, either as consumers of it, or as producers: actors, public figures or just very good joke tellers. If there are bad aspects to Mercury, the native may grow a predisposition to quarrel all the time.

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