Mercury In Libra


Mercury in Libra gives a joyful and playful mind.

The keyword here is indecision. Natives with Mercury in Libra have a very good ability to see the both sides of a situation, but don’t always hold the power to pick one side. They may seem undetermined and somehow confused at times, but that’s because they clearly see all the intricacies of a situation. They have a hard time engaging in or committing to something, but when they do, they’re usually loyal and trustworthy. Intellectually, they’re refined and they tend to look for and mingle in elitist communities, where their innate ability to sustain an intellectual challenge can be appreciated. Because of this tendency to always be on the lookout for the next thing to analyze and appreciate, they may be easily bored.

They have a natural gift to sense and express beauty and all that’s aesthetically correct. Not always revolutionary, mind you, or extremely new, but correct. They have a good capacity to sense where beauty meets the standards. They’re often asked in their circles to give their opinion on fashion or how some thing will “match” another one, for they truly are very good at this.

The downside of this placement, a part indecision, is a little bit of shallowness. Sometimes they’re not always keen on going all the way to understand or express something, sailing at the surface of things. Nevertheless even with this downside, they may make for a very entertaining companion, for they are truly able to “guess” the other intention and to match them in conversation.

If there are bad aspects to Mercury in Libra, the native may be inclined to snobbism, to may be surrounded only by “yesmen”, people who always agree with him or her. If there are good aspects to Mercury in Libra, the native may be very good in hard negotiations or difficult conflicts, where he or she can clear the things very fast.

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