Mercury In Pisces


Mercury in Pisces gives a dreamy and free floating mind.

The keyword here is lack of focus. Natives with Mercury in Pisces have a hard time finding a steady spot for their thoughts. They seem to always be drifting from one thing to another, from one idea to another, never finding the force to anchor themselves in a strong, predictable environment. They’re not jumping from one topic to another, they’re sliding, unable to attach to anything that can give them stability. On the outside, they appear as very understanding people, and, for a large part of their activity, they are, but they can easily understand – and embrace – the opposite point of view of what you just said, in a split of a second, without any hesitation.

Floating around in the sea of meaning, they find alternative ways of understanding reality (spiritual or occult activities) very easily but they never settle to any of them. In a conversation, they “sense” what the other wants to say which, sometimes, may make them appear as “psychic”.

The most important pitfall of this placement is the tendency to blend into whatever the other has to say, just for the sake of agreeing, or to lose one’s personality in a certain belief system (Mercury in Pisces, if badly affected, may make the native prone to abuse by the “guru syndrome”).

Mercury in Pisces gives some of the most talented artists (writers, poets or other forms of art related to words) but also some of the strangest living environments or entourages. Natives with Mercury in Pisces are often labeled as weirdos, not in the Aquarius, revolutionary way, but mostly in the bohemian, substance addiction (or even abuse) way.

Some of the natives with Mercury in Pisces can become extremely good “sorcerers” with words, expressing the ability to charm people, or even large masses, just by talking. The downside of this skill is that, because of their inherent confusion, they end up deluding themselves too.

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