Mercury In Sagittarius


Mercury in Sagittarius gives an adventurous and, more often than not, magnanimous mind.

The keyword here is exaggeration. Natives with Mercury in Sagittarius tend to inflate whatever they think of, making things either better or worse than they are. Behind this tendency is not their inability to separate the reality from fantasy, but rather the need for excitement and novelty. They want to enjoy the news, not merely know them. Deep down, they have an urge for being enthusiastic that often affects their judgement.

Natives with Mercury in Sagittarius are commonly perceived as being untruthful, although that’s not even remotely the case: their only problem is that they tend to exaggerate, to embellish or add drama to things, by this deep need to enjoy the core of all situations. But taking this into account, they can – and most often than not, they are – trusted and even given position which suppose a relevant degree of responsibility.

In conversations, natives with Mercury in Sagittarius will try to impose their own point of view, often going through intricate – or plain exaggerated and phantasmagoric – argumentations. They are perceived as talkative and there is something very compelling about their voice. There is a certain vocal charisma associated with natives with Mercury in Sagittarius, but they usually lack the artistic skill that will make them good performers on stage, it’s just that they usually have interesting and pleasant voices.

Native with Mercury in Sagittarius are often placed in professions which implies travel, both at the physical or spiritual level. They may have frequent – but not thorough – contact with people from other countries or be in a position that favors business partnerships abroad.

If Mercury is badly aspected there may be a tendency to fraud or cheating by the means of speaking or writing. If Mercury receives positive aspects, there may be a tendency for becoming evangelic in some way (not necessarily religious, but advocates of a certain lifestyle, social order etc).

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