Mercury In Scorpio


Mercury in Scorpio gives an inquisitive and restless mind.

The keyword here is depth. Natives with Mercury in Scorpio have a penchant for digging deep down in matters, for uncovering mysteries and for solving complicated puzzles or situations. They also like mental challenges and sometimes they even provoke them, out of boredom. Their mind is continuously at work, building scenarios, and versions of scenarios, incessantly. Seldom they become involved in their own visions and they either imagine they are the victim of some plot (which, most often, they aren’t, of course) or how to make others the victims of their own plots. The good thing is that most of the time they stop at the planning level.

In finding the answer to a problem they often take the most complicated way and they thoroughly enjoy the road. They have an unusual ability to learn new languages (being them spoken languages or computer programming languages) and a very good concentration power. When they have a topic that interests them they can keep focus on it for weeks, months or years.

Mercury in Scorpio gives very good skills in any occupations related to investigation, making natives with this placement somehow feared for their almost psychic abilities to “sense” the truth and identify lies. It’s like they have a very sophisticated sensory that can feel not only lies or an inconsistent behavior, but also indecision or wavering around. In conversations, they’re usually the ones that end them, not because they’re harsh or not polite, but because after they speak there’s not much left to be said. Their sense of humor is abundant, but their type of humor is not always lighthearted.

Because of this almost pathological need for truth, natives with Mercury in Scorpio can be a little bit uncomfortable to have around, affecting their social life.

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