Mercury In Taurus


Mercury in Taurus gives a stable and prolific mind.

The keyword here is intellectual indulgence. Natives with Mercury in Taurus love to engage in long and succulent conversations, most of the time just for the sake of it. For them, thinking, or any other process in which they’re using their mind, their intelligence, is an act of pleasure. For them, finding the answer to a question may take the form of indulging in a tasty meal.

Somehow, they tend to identify the shortest, most pragmatic way to solve any problem, apparently without any effort. For some of them, this skill may span laziness, or it may make them appear as lazy. This is not true, natives with Mercury in Taurus may exert their mind diligently, if need will be, but they tend to always identify the most profitable way of doing this.

There is a danger here, though, and this is that they’re not very prone to action, preferring to sit in the thoughts or speculations realm, without implementing much of their conclusions. They’re better suited in jobs which require both analytical and intuitive skills. When they put their focus onto something, the build up is rather slow, but steady. They advance in projects with a constant pace and they always look out for clarity and consistency in their work, or in other people’s work.

Usually, they’re quite healthy and positive, making them nice to have around. They’re also very fond of telling the true, just for the sake of it. For that matter, they also expect to be told the truth and they may become very polarized towards people who have the habit of telling lies (even small, white lies).

If badly affected, Mercury in Taurus may make the native arrogant and selfish. If positively affected (or if there’s no aspect to it), Mercury in Taurus will make the native very open, honest and altruistic.

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