Mercury In Virgo


Mercury in Virgo gives an analytical and detail oriented mind.

The keyword here is scrupulosity. Natives with Mercury in Virgo enjoy the best of it, because Mercury is feeling at home here. Their mind is fast, accurate and very, very keen on details. They can be very good investigators, analysts or they can excel in any task that requires attentive, repetitive actions. Mercury in Virgo can be very cold, and, if there aren’t any other supporting aspects in the chart, native may become emotionally inhibited. Being right is more important than being with someone.

They may not be as sparkling as those with Mercury in Leo, but they’re quite good at maintaining a conversation, at creating social bonds (although they don’t excel at being social) and they are somehow always respected when they make a firm statement. Is this aura of respect, thought, that make them somehow hard to be approached with matters of sensitivity or emotion. Their answers to these requests will always be calculated, no matter how much damage they may cause.

In a conversation, a native with Mercury in Virgo will talk only if he or she knows exactly what to say, otherwise they’ll be politely silent. They also excel in any area that requires extensive analysis of rapid sets of data and, if the Moon is well aspected, or in a supportive aspects with Mercury, may develop a very precise photographic memory. But even if they don’t have this type of connection with the Moon, they will all exhibit some sort of strong memory nevertheless.

One of the few downsides of this placement is that the natives tend to become too serious as they grow old. A little bit of foolishness or some innocent breaking of the rules may help them lighten up a bit. Games, jokes, humor these are usually activities which can help them become a bit less tense.

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