Moon In Aquarius


Moon in Aquarius gives a creative albeit unstable emotional field.

The keyword here is unpredictability. Moon in Aquarius s very easily bored. It constantly needs excitement, but not in a fixed, predictable way. A native with Moon in Aquarius has a deep need to be constantly surprised AND in awe. On another level, the need for connection, pure and simple, is also immense, and people with Moon in Aquarius are often perceived as too straightforward. They don’t have the usual “emotional fences” that other may raise in order to protect themselves, or purely because of social constraints, like politeness. A Moon in Aquarius won’t know those fences and you may be sure they will speak their mind (or, to be more precise, their “soul”, their feelings) without inhibitions. And they will constantly feel the need to say something.

Moon in Aquarius is also extremely perceptive of other people emotions. It’s like they have an invisible link to their emotional field and can channel their feelings. The danger here is that they’re not always aware of whom emotions they are expressing, their own emotions or the ones they’re just “picking up”, like radio frequencies. It’s not the deep, almost spiritual connection that a Moon in Pisces can create, but rather a “thing for thing” perception, in which they’re just making full contact with the other emotional field and they’re expressing it, without any modification.

Moon in Aquarius can sometimes create hiatuses in social life, the native feels so “trapped” in his own universe, that he’s not willing to connect in real life. But he may also bounce back just as fast as he felt down in his own “rabbit hole”. Sometimes they can be seen as unstable emotionally, but that’s only because of their constant need for creative emotions, not because they’re actually dishonest. As a matter of fact, the words spoken by a Moon in Aquarius may hurt other people precisely because the native is always speaking his or her mind.

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