Moon In Aries


Moon in Aries gives a rather agitated emotional field.

If you’re after someone, romantically speaking, you’re getting hot really soon and you exert an almost irresistible armada of courtship actions that will soon make your target surrender. From their part, it’s almost looking like you’re using some sort of magic. But it’s not deceiving, you’re not fooling anyone – instead, they’re attracted by your enthusiasm, honesty and desire to please.

Also, Moon in Aries can give a tendency to be more enthusiastic than the situation requires, hence, projecting much more optimism than others around you. You literally see the world better than it usually is, or at least build up this type of expectation. Sometimes, this optimism is not well funded, and you often end up crushed and disappointed. But the good news is that you recover rather fast. Also, when your intuition works well, the outcome is very abundant, namely, when you hit the nail, you hit it right in the head, no in betweens…

The contrast between the fire of Aries and the water of Moon makes an exciting, but rather unstable combination. The hot drive to go after your goal is completed by the underlying passion of the water, which, most of the time, makes you perceived as you’re coming a little too fast Passions are aroused fast, getting into fights (mostly verbally, but still) is happening in seconds, but at the same time, you soothe in a second, seldom remembering what made you raise your voice, or if it was worth at all.

There is also an inconsistency in acquiring and maintaining focus, Moon in Aries finds it rather difficult to concentrate on small, tedious tasks. Surprisingly enough, native with Moon in Aries have usually a photographic memory, as long as they can maintain their concentration. Even if they’re thrown off course by some disturbing events, the “recording” still goes on, and, provided that they’re able to calm down, they do remember everything quite well.

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