Moon In Cancer


Moon in Cancer gives a profound, rich and sensitive emotional field.

The keyword here is nurturing. Moon is the ruler planet of the Cancer sign and, as such, it’s in a very comfortable position, expressing freely its own nature. Moon here gives a protective individual, attentive, caring and loving individual. Another key characteristic of natives with Moon in Cancer is sensitivity, which, in some cases, may make them exert some sort of protection, a shielding attitude. That’s why, usually, people in Moon in Cancer will be perceived with some sort of a power aura. It’s not brute power, it’s more of a fence, because the native is oversensitive.

Moon in Cancer will also gives great strength and resilience. One of the consequences of this placement is the big probability that the native will go through life challenges with a lot of stamina. They will have the ability to overcome a lot of difficulties and it will seem life will diligently work in such a way that there will never be a shortage of difficulties for them.

Although they’re easily hurt, they can recover rather well. Recovery will also be marked by ups and downs, though, due to changing nature of the Moon. This situation will be also very prone to happen, because, due to their attentive and protective nature, they tend to interfere with other people businesses even when they don’t have to. The intention is good, they want to be helpful, but they’re more often that not perceived as intruders.

Emotions are strong, but not always openly displayed. This blocking attitude is based on a certain feeling of vulnerability, which they tend to mask by an overconfident and sometimes even pushy attitude. They tend to talk more than is needed and, although they do say interesting things, after a while their presence may be felt as overwhelming and tiring.

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