Moon In Capricorn


Moon in Capricorn gives a fixed and predictable emotional field.

The keyword here is safety. Moon in Capricorn will create a very dependable partner, provided that his / her needs for emotional security are met. Alas, that’s not always possible. So, whenever something threatens the native at the emotional level, the gut reaction is to close, to frozen and to block all emotional flux. If a native with the Moon in Capricorn doesn’t get the ‘proper signals” that he or she expects, they will act very conservatory. It’s not that they’re putting on a mask, or that they’re playing a game of multiple personalities, but they really step back and avoid involvement.

Most of the time, because of this reaction, people with Moon in Capricorn are told to be rather cold and insensitive. Truth is they have a very big emotional capacity, being able to care and support their pairs, but their enormous need for safety and predictability, makes them extremely cautious.

In a rather unexpected way, because of their constant back and forth from being committed to being “afar”, natives with Moon in Capricorn may be considered unable to commit to long term relationships, especially personal relationships. In reality, they are very reliable but they need more attention than others. Once they committed to somebody (or, for what matters, to something, like a social position, or a goal) they can’t be thrown off course, except for openly exposed treason.

In business, this aspect makes them very reliable partners or employees, though. As long as the paycheck keeps coming in, of course. They also have a tendency to take into account every tiny detail, even when the circumstances will benefit from a more broad vision. They may share some of the business skills with native that have Moon in Virgo, but, on top of that, they also add structure, dependability and a sense of loyalty.

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