Moon In Gemini


Moon in Gemini gives a restless and somehow shallow emotional field.

The keyword here is change. The emotions seem to surface very quick, they have a certain substance and structure, but they tend to vanish away very quick. A Moon in Gemini will usually make the native prone to attention goofiness and day dreaming, just for the sake of it, or, to be more clear, for the play of it. Indeed, emotions are a playground for the natives with this placement. They are the supportive structure of his or her behavior, in the sense that he or she is going through them entirely, but there is no surrender, no deeper implication further than that. For this reason, natives with Moon in Gemini may seem emotionally unglued, or detached. It’s not that they not feel emotions, but they cannot fixate to them with the same power like people with other Moon placements.

A Moon in Gemini is also a great indicator of artistic talents, or at least the ability to understand and consume art very easy. The native is able to change his attitude very quick, sometimes seemingly out of the blue, giving the impression of shallowness. It’s not superficiality, to be true, but just the ability to experiment, at the emotional level, both sides of a situation, very easy.

A Moon in Gemini will give the native the ability to intuitively negotiate, many times with success, in areas related to trade or art. The incapacity to focus, though, will not make the native a very good business person, unless there are other factors in the chart that will support this. Nevertheless, a Moon in Gemini will gift the native with a very sharp sense of values, generally speaking, and especially money. He or she is able to spot opportunities in real time, go close to them and even initiate the actions to take that opportunity. But because of the lunar speed and inconsistency, there’s no guarantee the initial actions will be followed up to a more concrete project.

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