Moon In Leo


Moon in Leo gives a generous, overconfident and often aggressive emotional field.

The keyword here is leadership. Emotions are aroused quickly and tend to take the lead of the individual, regardless of circumstances. Taking up unnecessary risks, talking more than needed, a mild sense of exaggeration, all of these may be traits of an individual with Moon in Leo. Generosity is always present, accompanied by a sense of shining, of being in the spot. It’s not that the native is shallow and it’s doing it “only for the show” but it’s more the need of being acknowledged and accepted.

On the other side, there is a lot of stamina in there and the native is able to sustain much pressure for a long time. Moon in Leo gives a rather solid optimism, or at least a healthy approach to life, where setbacks are often seen as opportunities. Whatever the problem, natives with Moon in Leo usually goes: “ok, bring it on!”. And, to nobody’s surprise, they do seem to get a lot of it.

In love, Moon in Leo makes for an irresistible conqueror, but may also contain signs of boredom if the scene becomes too dull. From some point on, there’s a constant need for excitement, or at least for a consistent change. The initial stage of an encounter will rapidly go inflated. Moon in Leo is not very patient but on the positive side, it also gives to the native a good discerning ability. In other words, even if you put your eyes on somebody really quick, that somebody is usually a nice person (if other afflicting aspects don’t pull down the Moon, of course, case in which we may be in for some big disappointments).

Moon in Leo hates solitude or isolation and, for that, it will make sure that the individual is always surrounded by people. If you have this placement, just be sure those people are here for you and not for other perks you may not even know you’re offering to them.

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