Moon In Pisces


Moon in Pisces gives a profound but often foggy emotional field.

The keyword here is fusion. Or, very often, “con-fusion”. Moon in Pisces longs for integration, for dissolution, for blending into other people’s emotional field. That’s probably the most “psychic” placement in signs for the Moon. Remote vision or other similar “powers” can be seen in these natives, although, because of their congenital “fogginess” they’re not always aware of it. Their perceptiveness has no match across the zodiac, but given the fact that they actually blend in, and not only re-channel the other emotional field, they almost always end up confused and drained.

Natives with Moon in Pisces are warm, affectionate without a reason, generous to the level of self-sacrifice and, more often than not, they tend to take the “second place” in a relationship, not because they have low self-esteem, but because they instinctively feel that’s the position in which they can provide the most to that relationship. For this reason, they’re often quiet, not expressing themselves loudly. But don’t get fooled by this appearance, deep down they can feel even the smallest emotional charge of a situation and take it in.

If bad aspects are hitting this Moon, especially from Neptune or Mars, native can experience violent emotional challenges, identity crisis or co-dependent relationships. In that case, the most common pattern is that the native is creating a mental refuge of a “victim” and eventually he or she surrender to so -called “external circumstances”. The real challenge, of course, is always from within, namely for the confusion that either delays action, or foster destructive action.

If good aspects are around, Moon in Pisces will create tremendous emotional support for other people, giving them a graceful strength under pressure. Despite their lack of identity, they will most likely find all the necessary reasons to fix things somehow.

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