Moon In Sagittarius


Moon in Sagittarius gives a restless and adventurous emotional field.

The keyword here is adventurous empathy. Moon in Sagittarius will put the native in a perpetual state of emotional availability, but with a twist. And the twist is novelty. Boredom will kill a native with a Moon in Sagittarius, for this placement is a constant request for more and more emotional involvement. It’s not that a Moon in Sagittarius will constantly look for excitement, but it will constantly need a playground to express emotions. And when this playground is not found outside, the native will turn inside. Strange and colorful dreams, an urge for traveling (both in metaphysical and real ways) and a restless nature will complete the emotional field of these natives. It’s not the up and down nature of an Aquarius, with a constant “attention deficit disorder” on the emotions, but more on the exploring side of life, on curiosity and experimentation.

On the good side, a Moon in Sagittarius will make a good friend, but it will also be that the friend is not available exactly when you need him / her the most. Deep down, natives with this placement are experiencing a profound need for emotional healing, and for that they’re “traveling” on this field a lot. They will make acquaintances very fast, but they may “suspend” a relationship just as fast, if something new and exciting comes along.

A Moon in Sagittarius may make the native seem almost promiscuous at times, but that’s only because these natives have a great understanding – or, to be more precise, they “feel” better than others – that we may experience the entire field of emotions, from the most enlightening, to the darkest ones. If there’s no bad aspect affecting the Moon, natives may express strong skills in distance healing or other “extra-sensorial” abilities. They may also need constant intervals in solitude, to quite down the “noise” from their emotional field.

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