Moon In Scorpio


Moon in Scorpio gives a deep and convoluted emotional field.

The keyword here is uncovering mysteries. Moon in Scorpio is attracted to all that is hidden, taboo or mysterious. Don’t expect shy personalities with this placement. The native is rather curious, sometimes inquisitive and has a natural talent to identify lies or unreliable behavior. This is almost like a supernatural power, or an unconscious skill, but it’s very powerful and may make th native quite feared, or at least isolated for his or her ability to “read other people minds”

Subsequently, is rather common to find amongst natives with this placement people able to hide their emotions or to exert manipulative emotional behavior, just because they can. If you’re looking for a nice afternoon on your house porch, don’t expect it from a Moon in Scorpio. It may give you thrill and excitement but it won’t give you peace of mind.

Moon in Scorpio will love secretly, but deeply, will fixate on some individual up to the level of obsession, sometimes not even knowing the object of their desire that they’ve been chosen. Romantically, they are one of the most contradictory placements of the zodiac: they make great buddies and you can safely share your deepest secrets with them, but they also are very easily hurt. Their constant preoccupation with hiding behind a prefabricated display of independence and reliability will make very difficult for other to understand how and where they were hurt.

Health-wise, natives with Moon in Scorpio may be prone to strange diseases, but they also have very good recovering skills. It’s like they love to plunge deep into the black holes of life and then come back stronger, or at least wiser than they were before. Their health seems to always be challenged, but, in time, they also develop great resilience, being capable to sustain heavy health issues for many years.

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