Moon In Taurus


Moon in Taurus gives a grounded, luxurious emotional field.

The keyword here is stability, although the inconsistency of the Moon may make it hard to believe. When natives with the Moon in Taurus are fixing their emotional “camera” on somebody, they’re doing it for good. Most of the time, they are right, they tend to find partners who are also reliable, constant and supportive. But even if they’re wrong, they’re able to go a long way in trying to “fix” things until they decide it’s time to back away.

Moon in Taurus gives an inner desire for indulgence, sometimes even for luxury. It manifests at the emotional level, but also in the outside world, at the financial level. They seem to have some sort a radar who identifies opportunities, favorable situations, beneficial partners and so on and so forth. But, due to their own slow nature, they’re not always “closing in”.

Moon in Taurus will give a rather cautious approach in relationships, being them friendships or romantic relationships, but, once the initial phase is broken, the native will commit with great loyalty. One of the pitfalls of this is that they tend to attract (or “generate”) friendships who start out well, but get rather unstable as time goes by. This is especially true in regard with female friendships – no matter the gender of the native.

One of the most pleasant spaces for them is their home and, if other aspects in the chart are favorable, they will be able to make a very comfortable and supportive home out of their house. A Moon in Taurus will always have a “rich” house, especially in terms of heavy decorations, or objects of value, even if the house will not be one of the neatest around the neighborhood. Their taste is rather sophisticated and they know how to spend their money Even if they spend a lot, the objects acquired will usually last.

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