Moon In Virgo


Moon in Virgo gives a shy and over-analytical emotional field.

The keyword here is correctness. Moon in Virgo wants to categorize and store feelings and let them “out” only if there’s an appropriate context. Emotions are observed attentively, in the best case, and suppressed, at worst. Moon in Virgo gives some of the most shy individuals, but also some of the most emotionally resilient. This unconscious need for “order in chaos” may make them act neurotically at times, but may make them also disciplined and self-reliant. It’s hard to surprise a person with Moon in Virgo.

There’s also some sort of a delay in emotional processes, like first the impulse is received and the response follows only after a careful analysis. In financial matters, though, Moon in Virgo favors analytical processes, complex operations and cold decisions. Intuition in complicated deals is favored by this aspect, but it’s not the “out of the blue, I’m having a hunch”- type of intuition. It’s more like, under the hood, the native can spot and balance all the good and bad aspects of a potential deal. Moon in Virgo can be an indication of a good business person, but other supporting aspects in the chart for this specific skill would be helpful.

If there are bad aspects to the Moon, the person may be ruthless, or emotionally cold, acting with restraint, or even rejecting social interaction. These are the persons we usually call “cold people”. If there are good aspects to the Moon, the person may endure significant emotional stress more easily.

Romantically speaking, a Moon in Virgo would make the native to be slow and shy in approaching – or being approached by – potential partners. The courting is considered part of the game (doesn’t matter if the native is courting or it is courted). If there’s no such period of adjustment, fear (unconscious fear) will creep in.

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