Saturn in Aries

In Aries, Saturn is feeling rather uncomfortable and its standard tension tends to be exacerbated.

Saturn in Aries makes for a deep dynamic between fear and courage in the native, with frequent pushes towards one end or the other. Caught in the rigid structure of this vibe, natives are struggling with continuous escaping patterns, feeling restricted, dominated or constantly trying to fit in, to respect the rules religiously, to adjust. Both attitudes are leaving the native more often than not feeling hurt and defeated.

If well aspected, or in the second part of life, some of these natives may become champions of discipline, being able to endure extreme activities, or to climb very high in business or other types of hierarchies, including military. Even in this cases, the intrinsic tensions between the Earth qualities of the planet and the Fire color of the sign will make the native prone to psychological ailments or chronic headaches.

Supporting activities:

  • awareness meditation
  • physical exploration
  • military or martial arts career


  • prone to head injuries, psychological ailments or chronic headaches
  • indecision or acting impulsively, with bad consequences
  • overdoing and experiencing chronic fatigue