Saturn in Taurus

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In Taurus, Saturn is feeling at ease, but a bit apprehensive: both the sign and the planet are sharing the Earth element, but Saturn doesn’t really like the indulging and esthetic side of Taurus.

Saturn in Taurus usually meets the needs of the native on the mundane level, but in a constricted way. Many natives are experiencing a relatively lonely and sad childhood, but they don’t really experience any shortage on the material level, having just enough to go along. It’s more like the lenses through which they experience life are more serious and grave. Their house and / or surroundings are usually more than the average, but they tend to live on a budget. If they happen to live in a big mansion, they usually confine in just one or two rooms.

Emotionally, natives with Saturn in Taurus are sober and silent, socializing only when needed. If well aspected, or in the second part of life, native may experience constant living comfort, but not luxury. Good aspects are also supportive of a long life or at least of better than average health. Their ability to live off of very little makes them appear as scarce, although they aren’t really, they just try to make the best they can with as little as they can.

Supporting activities:

  • gardening, spending time in nature
  • endurance sports
  • real estate or building career


  • their tendency to isolation usually alienates them more deeply then they are aware
  • over extending comes with big costs
  • the world is usually better than they see it