Venus In Aquarius


Venus in Aquarius gives an original and sometimes odd nature in love.

Persons with this placement are the hippies of the zodiac. For them, love is either a fixation towards the strangest person in the world, or a larger than life feeling of compassion towards everybody. Or both at a time. Aquarius has no boundaries, hence, Venus here will feel free and unblocked. Sometimes this freedom will be though a bit unnerving for a person who sees things on a bit more stable framework.

As lovers, they’re playful, spontaneous and always ready to do something. A bit relentless, they will make you feel electrified most of the times, but there’ s also a subtle feeling of fatigue induced by this “always wired” attitude. Sometimes, they tend to disconnect suddenly and leave, either physically, by embarking in sudden trips, or mentally, by embracing some new passion or hobby that totally obfuscates their other activities.

In bedroom, they’re audacious, to say the least. There isn’t a thing you couldn’t try with them, but that also comes at a cost of being a little bit too much, if you’re just looking for a stable, predictable partner.