Venus In Cancer


Venus in Cancer gives a cautious and very sensitive nature in love.

Persons with this placement are nurturing, sensitive and tend to overwork in order to attract the person they want in their life. They’re capable of assuming great responsibilities in the relationship, only to show to the other one “they’re worthy of it”. They feel loved when they’re taken care of, not in the sense of financial support (they tend to be very independent in this area) but more in the “I want you to listen to me” sense.

As lovers, they’re extremely sensitive and they want to please. They’re natural followers, but not submissive, they’re just following your lead, to show you their love. They’re also more in the simplicity area and sophistication makes them suspicious. Do not expect frailty, although their looks are usually very, very refined.

In bedroom, they’re surrounding you with their attention to details and with their tender care. Usually, for them it’s a question of honor to please you. The experience with this native is rich, and they tend to blend love with friendship very easily. One word about women with this placement: they tend to overdo their implication by choosing a “boy” that they want to grow up into a “men’. More often than not, this doesn’t work out as planned.