Venus In Capricorn


Venus in Capricorn gives a cautious and calculated nature in love.

Persons with this placement are often confusing security (material, financial) with love. They need very dependable persons around, the type they can count on no matter what. They sense the players almost without thinking and avoid graciously any superficial flirt.

As lovers, they have a very earthly sensuality, although they don’t open up easily. But once you convinced a Venus in Capricorn person to visit your bedroom, prepare for a slow, gradually growing in depth and creativity feast of sexual pleasures.

Surprisingly, once you got past their barriers, they may even take the lead and impress you, not only as sexual partners, but also as friends. Sharing intimate experiences with a Venus in Capricorn person is one of the most rewarding things you can do, if you can prove you’re honest, trustful and, of course, willing to commit completely to that person.