Venus In Gemini


Venus in Gemini gives a playful and somehow superficial nature in love.

Persons with this placement are more sensitive to words, concepts and intellectual representations of love, rather than physical proof. There’s a real danger of intellectualizing love for them, as it seemsĀ  they’re not capable of internalizing love by feeling, but rather by its wordy definition. But, once they understand it, they’re capable of extracting great joy of it, and express a lot of creativity.

As lovers, they’re the definition of playfulness and they’re capable of surprising you the moment you expect the least. Laughing is their natural state and they’re very good at spreading this state onto others. Even in the middle of the gloomiest day, they usually find something to laugh about.

In bedroom, they’re creative, but they’re also very easy to get bored. Don’t try to follow routine steps with them or you’re gonna put down the fire very fast. Let go, be relaxed and let them be the leader, you’ll be thankful for that. One thing to be noted, though, because of their increased ability to understand and pick up signs from a variety of persons, they tend to have a rather hard time to settle in a stable relationship. It’s not infidelity, but rather an insatiable curiosity.