Venus In Leo


Venus in Leo gives a courageous and somehow showy nature in love.

Persons with this placement are living for attention, either by asking it openly, as the unique object of love and admiration of their peers, or by giving it incessantly, to the point they’re suffocating their partner. Either way, they seldom take “no” for an answer, but they’re so honestly spectacular, that yo don’t even think to say “no” to them, once they started to court you.

As lovers, they’re tender but strong, they have this way of possessing you while they protect you. Although they don’t share the obsession that comes with Venus in Scorpio for instance, they do have a very physical way of showing their love and appreciation. Also, loyalty is paramount to them, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

In bedroom, they’re explosive, but not very insistent, nor very technical. Their main goal is to make you feel good, whatever that means for you, to keep you surrounded with an aura of both power and tenderness. They can substitute sex with stories some times, but, either way, you’ll be entertained.