Venus In Libra


Venus in Libra gives a tender and refined nature in love.

Persons with this placement are usually always at ease with their feelings. Venus rules the sign of Libra, so it’s expressing herself with joy and power. It’s not that people with Venus in Libra aren’t capable of more gloomy emotions from time to time, but they have a way to express their feelings which is much easier than for other signs. And when they love, you notice that.

As lovers, they’re refined, inventive and sensitive. Romance is their playground and they’re comfortable in any of its stages, from early flirtation up to lifetime commitment. Although they’re honest and loyal, they may be at times too open to other people, but that’s more because of their overall “lovable” nature rather than because some hidden intentions.

In bedroom, they’re kings and queens. They instinctively know what the other person wants and and they comply instantly. Their need for novelty is insatiable and if you’re more of a traditionalist, you may be tired at times. But staying with them on this journey, even if you’re tired, will give the reward of a lifetime.