Venus In Pisces


Venus in Pisces gives a melting, self-sacrificing nature in love.

Persons with this placement are often undecided and floating in a sea of options. They’re not as afraid of commitment as they’re afraid of being seized and placed under one’s authority. Venus here wants to melt, but not to be prisoner. If you try to fix it in one place, it will escape. But if this thing is not possible, they will remain, as a form of self-sacrifice, inducing a very hard to digest guilt.

As lovers, they’re dreamy but very warm, and most of the time sympathetic. They have a way to feel what you want and to direct you there silently. They hate to fight and if there’s conflict, they will seldom approach it directly. They prefer to retreat and secretly find soothing in other places or near other people.

In bedroom, they’re calm and tender, intuitive and ready to go wherever you want to take them. Their floating, dreamy nature makes them incredible sex partners. Just be aware of the fact that their frailty is just a mask and they can easily wear you out without even noticing.