Venus In Scorpio


Venus in Scorpio gives a passionate and obsessive nature in love.

Persons with this placement are charismatic, extremely sensual – amongst all other signs of the zodiac are the most prone to some degree of deviant behavior in this area – and very passionate. They will go to great length to find out what their partners are needing and will provide it.

As lovers, they’re instinctual, very skilled, and eager to please. And control. Expect a Venus in Scorpio to be expert in sex toys and to find at least some degree of pleasure in sex power games. Not all are exhibiting these traits in their sexual behavior, mind you, but those who are, are showing them quite well.

In bedroom, a Venus in Scorpio person will charm you, literally, will mesmerize you first, until you’re ready to be “eaten” and only then the real act will begin. Masters in foreplay, Venus in Scorpio lovers will make sure you have no escape from their wishes and only then they’ll take you on a trip to heaven and, sometimes, to hell. Beware that these people, as I said, are the most obsessive partners you may find in zodiac.