Venus In Taurus


Venus in Taurus gives a calculate and indulgent nature in love.

Persons with this placement are fond of luxury, either expressed in pompous surroundings, or –  more uncommonly – in a rich and diverse lifestyle. The nature of Taurus makes Venus here very conscious of its own value, and, as such, persons with this placements are prone to get involved in relationships only after a careful examination. Which, more often than not, must prove their advantage somehow.

As lovers, they are tender, warm and somehow slow. Don’t expect imagination from such a partner, but do expect some sort of a gentle submission that will fire up your systems by its simplicity, rather than by its sophistication.

In bedroom, they do want, surprisingly, to exert control, but not directly, mind you. They’re masters of enticing atmosphere, of setting up the stage, but, remember, they have to be the main character of the movies they’re about to project, for your enormous and deep entertainment only. It’s not uncommon also for them to manipulate others using their sex appeal, if that will give them the desired results. For them, love usually means being well treated in the mercantile, material sense, rather than being valued as persons.