Venus In Virgo


Venus in Virgo gives a shy and susceptible nature in love.

Persons with this placement are usually reluctant to commit into a relationship, or they put too much obstacles in front of a potential relationship. The reason is that they have so big of an idea about what love should be, that they have a really hard time finding that exact love in real life. It’s not they’re chasing fantasies, on the contrary, they’re very practical, but they also have very high standards.

As lovers, they’re cautious and willing to take the second place, once they committed themselves into something serious. They’re eager to please, and many times they go over themselves to achieve that, which, in times, creates some really nasty frustrations. If frictions arise in the relationship, they’re more often than not related to these hidden frustrations.

In bedroom, they’re submissive and disciplined. What they lack in imagination they substitute with endurance and willingness to please. If they seem too cold at times, it’s because they don’t think very good about themselves. They’re better suited with somebody who will take the lead, otherwise serious blockages can emerge.