Saturn and Uranus – The Teacher and The Rebel

Most of the time, people will experience this influence as a transit. And when it’s felt as a transit, it’s usually a heavy one. Saturn moves around the sky for 28-32 years, and Uranus even longer. So, these interactions are mapped, most of the time, over significant periods of our lives, both in terms of significance and time.

Saturn is the teacher and the status-quo. It’s inflexibility based on the respect of the rules, it’s heaviness and burden.

Uranus is wisdom in lightning bolt. It’s challenging the status-quo by definition. It’s liberation and revolution.

Saturn loves the things as they are.

Uranus loves to challenge things, just for the fun of it.

But, as surprising as it may seem, when these two planets are interacting in some way, good things will happen. Not without some turmoil, of course, but the end result will usually be good.

Uranus Transit Natal Saturn

The hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition) are usually marked by intense struggle. There is this new opportunity, this call for new spaces, or social circles, that is constantly challenged by forces almost impossible to defend. Going forward is what the native feels to do, but what happens is that he’s held back by more and more profound challenges. As the native learns how to manage these challenges, the situation unblocks. And, in the end, the new situation is much better, in many ways, than the one that started it.

The lighter aspects (sextile, trine) are manifested more in the form of sudden teaching. The native will be exposed to new and enlightening information (most of the time this exposure will be done in ways that the native consider somehow inappropriate) and there will be a significant amount of teaching involved.

Saturn Transit Natal Uranus

As opposed to the one above, this one is felt more deeply. The core of the native is challenged here, and the very concepts of freedom and equality are on the table. The theme of the transit is “being restless”, not coping with what happens, or understanding new and very profound concepts after a lot of struggle.

The hard aspects can be felt more deeply, more often than not resulting in physical damage. From depression to low immunity, a wide area of physical imbalances are going along with this transit.

The light aspects are felt as giving more structure to unstable situations or concepts. Intuition is receiving acknowledgement and there is sudden and consistent advancement.


Whatever the planet transiting (Saturn or Uranus) these transits are a very good opportunity for learning, for adjusting to new challenges, for advancing and for evolving with leaps and bounds. There is some struggle involved, but, if we’re thinking about Saturn, this comes with the whole package, so we shouldn’t be surprised at all. The dash of unrest added by Uranus will just make everything spicier.

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