Retrograde Mercury

Mercury represents intelligence, thoughts, mind activity. It also deals with money, commerce and travel. When retrograde, interesting things happens…

Many people think retrogradation is something dangerous. Even ancient astrology still states pretty often that retrogradation is a state of aggression and peril. In my experience, this is not true. In fact, in my experience, retrogradation performed mostly like an amplifier than a road-block. Even in my natal chart, where I have 2 retrograde planets (Venus and Saturn) this proved to be true. I’m not a social animal, but I am exposed to a lot of new social experiences, and I am not a humble and sad person, but I do like tests and challenges. My Venus is just different but also powerful, and so is my Saturn.

When retrograde, Mercury creates a space for innovation. Ideas, intuitions sudden “a-ha” moments are favored during this interval. But regular activities, the types that goes from point A to point B are not likely to happen smoothly. Mercury energies are turned inside, they are not supporting outside, connecting activities. During retrograde Mercury I had the most unusual, yet productive ideas in my entire life, but also went over most of my deadlines.

Money is another delicate topic during a retrograde Mercury. You can’t really have it. Even if you do have constant access to enough money this retrogradation will bring some limitations. It’s like Mercury puts a hold on your money in order to think how it can create more. I felt a constant shortage sensation during retrograde Mercury although I didn’t really have any financial problem. Starting projects is another great activity during a retrograde Mercury. In fact, this blog was started exactly on a retrograde Mercury interval and I’m sure it shows. I’m sure it will be a useful blog for anybody interested in astrology or alternative perspectives, but I’m also sure it will take some time to get there. There is always a pretty important danger of mistake when Mercury is going backwards.

Things To Avoid On A Retrograde Mercury

Although it’s not an exhaustive list, here are some of the things I usually avoid when Mercury is retrograde:  
excessive thinking
dealing closely with money problems, budgeting
signing contracts
selling or buying important assets
starting important new relationships

Things To Do On A Retrograde Mercury

evaluating past projects
artistic and fun activities
drafting plans
jotting ideas and brainstorming