Uranus Transit Conjunct Moon

Uranus is the planet of violent renewal, of revolutions and disruptions. When it hits the natal Moon, which is the center of emotions, the unconscious core of our beings, interesting things will happen.

The keyword is emotional upheaval. The deeper meaning is a profound emotional cleanse that will take place, with or without our consent. The entire emotion apparatus will be changed from the roots, outdated structures will be updated and, in the process, some serious noise will be generated. That may include, but not be limited to:

  • sudden change of moods
  • separation issues
  • attachment issues
  • violent enthusiasm followed by deep depression
  • more visibility in the public eye
  • a sense of rush and impatience

If you’re a man, be very careful at women during this transit. You may attract unusual partners, females that seem so uncontrollably attractive, surrounded by an electric aura, yet somehow unavailable. If there is a relation, then it will be incredibly intense and… short. Some of the relationships born under these circumstances may last, but, most of the time, they don’t. They’re created as tools, as ways to modify some of the calcified emotional responses, which are not useful anymore in our lives.

These transits are rather long, expect at least one or two years. Uranus will pass back and forth over the Moon several times and, as the transit deepens, the effects will be more powerful. As the final pass arrives, many of the lessons should be learned, so, expect a mixed feeling of fatigue and relief. Both being some of the general characteristics of a Uranus transit.

From personal experience, I can tell that this transit is rather upsetting. If you’re the stubborn type, or if you want to know your wardrobe is in good order, expect some unpleasant rubbing. The more clinging you express, the more unpleasant the transit will fell. If you can gather the strength and detachment to let things be, there will be enormous potential for revival and renewal. I found out that small rituals during the day are very helpful, creating anchor points that help me grounding when the tide is too strong.