Pluto Transits

One of the most fascinating planets, at least for me, is Pluto. Ruler of decay and rebirth, master of my solar sign (Scorpio, that is) and one of the most powerful change agents in the Universe. Whenever Pluto hits a spot in your life, that spot won’t be the same again. Everything it touches, it transforms. Most of the time, we perceive the transformation as hurtful and traumatic, but in fact is the old skin of the snake which hurts, not the new us.

Here are some examples of what Pluto can make when it transits certain specific spots in your horoscope.

Pluto Conjunct Natal Sun

You will not be the same person again. You will undergo a brutal process of transformation which, for the vast majority of time, will seem out of your control. And that will be true, because Pluto is beyond control. You will be placed in violent circumstance which will demand huge efforts of adaptation from your part. Depending on the house in which this aspect take place, things will look different. I’ll give you my example.

My transiting Pluto made a conjunction with my natal Sun on December 16 1989, in the 10th house. For those of you who are not very good at modern history, that was the first day of the Romanian Revolution. At that time I was a soldier in the Romanian Army, with only 2 months of training. In Timisoara, the city were my unit was located, there were manifestations on the street. Some of my army colleagues were receiving orders to open fire against the insurgents.

I had the chance to be confined for 5 days in an ammunition depot (hence not being forced to go outside, in the city, and face stupid orders I wouldn’t follow anyway). There were days of chaos and confusion. I didn’t sleep for the entire period I spent in the ammunition depot, that would be more than 100 hours. After that, I wasn’t the same person as before.

As for my physical body, it was the worst experience I had so far. After I finished my 5 days shift I went to the infirmary and the moment he saw me, the doctor gave me a glass full of pills and took me out of the service immediately. Can’t remember what he said to me, but I went to sleep, after 5 nights spent in the wild. When I woke up, I took my riffle and went back to the service. I was totally refreshed, like a baby. I avoided the doctor and went straight to my outpost.

The change was brutal and violent. There was no escape from it and I had to face it. Of course, at that time I had no idea whatsoever why this is happening to me. I had no knowledge about astrology or things like that. All I was able to do was to create a survival strategy. And this is often what Pluto does: inserts into your life elements of such power and endurance, that you wouldn’t think you were capable of before that. I was mentally prepared to face a civil war for several months. In a few weeks, the violent events came to and end. In less than 3 months I was back home, relieved from service.

On a conjunction with your natal Sun, a transiting Pluto will bring you fantastic energy resources but it will strain you beyond imagination.

Pluto Conjunct Natal Neptune

This is a time when your sense of reality is drastically amended. If you are doing something you shouldn’t do, like having shallow relationships , for instance, Pluto will give you something you could barely keep up with. For me, the transit took place around 1996, during the fall, in the eleventh house. At that time, I was floating around in a group of friends who weren’t the best choice I could make (to say the least). I was also quite inconstant in my romantic relationships.

During this period I met a person who changed my life completely, in a very violent way. First, she – yes, it was about a she – took me away from the group of friends I was hanging around with and moved together. Second, we had a child together, my first son. The relationship started incredibly well – the romance of Neptune was extremely strong – I was sure I was finally on the right track with my personal life.

But soon after she was pregnant I was hit with a bunch of incredible lies (the other part of Neptune, the deceptive one). Her parents were apparently not dead in an accident, as she was telling me for months, and she was just running away from home. Her father died while we were together, he was ill for years. When the moment of the birth approached I wanted to get married and even did all the administrative stuff. Only she wasn’t ready to go there yet. Years after, I was finally able to understand that the relation wasn’t something to build on, but something which was first meant to destroy my current lifestyle. So, nothing really constructive, apart from our child together.

Soon after the child was born, we decided to break up. It was again a one way decision, coming from her. 3-4 years later I endured a fantastic pressure: nothing seemed to be right or settled. She was making phone call to accuse me of everything, 4-5 times per day. I was still considered guilty for everything she was living. During this period she almost seemed possessed. And, in a very subtle way, she was: Pluto was working deep down.

At some point, I decided to see if we could be together. That was the moment when I finally started to put the work of Pluto to the good. It turned out, after spending one and a half year together, that we simply weren’t made for each other, and all that we endured was a lesson. Once learned, I was able to move on.

When you don’t do things right, Pluto can attract into your life people who are going to force you to do the right thing. It might be that you think you don’t deserve it, but believe me, you will.


Looking back at all those experiences, I can clearly see that behind every stressful aspect it was a deep desire to change and grow. Whenever I resisted growth, out of fear or indecision, the pressure increased. The more I resisted, the more pressure I got.

On a funny note, right now Pluto is going through my twelfth house, the house of isolation, karmic connections and retreat. During this period not only I isolated myself more than in any other period of my life, but I did encounter a lot of karmic connections, one of them being my wife. A lot of stuff come out in the light and every time I let it reach to the light, something good happened.

And I’m pretty sure this very article has something to do with digging up in the past and see what do I have to learn from it. Pluto is working, revealing everything that’s hidden. 🙂