Saturn In Synastry

More often than not, Saturn in synastry is perceiving as “bad”. Sometimes for good reasons: Saturn means delay, self-consciousness, awkwardness and structure. If you’re after a romantic relationship, you don’t want structure, you want fun. You don’t want the coldness and seriousness associated with this old and heavy planet, you want a lighthearted space filled with laughter and gratification. Well, you’re gonna have to ask Venus for that. Because Saturn will not deliver that type of energy. Even worse, if you do have some Venus aspects in synastry (or composite), Saturn will make its best to tone them down.

So, with a strong series of Saturnine aspects in synastry, do expect some cold and harsh weather.

But there is some good in all that bad. Whatever Saturn touches, it gets transformed. It gets metamorphosized into something called “resistance”. A roadblock. A closed door. A clogged pipe. Something that you have to really work out with, if you want to move forward.

And this is exactly where the beauty of Saturn lies. In making you fight for what you want. In making you dig deep for those forgotten energies, pull them out, start using them and in keeping you pushing forward. There will be strain, that’s for sure. There will be stress, depression, lack of confidence and a lot of uncomfortable silences. But beyond all of these lies the greatest gift of Saturn in synastry: a long lasting relationship.

Venus is pure luck. It’s beauty and easiness. You just get that and enjoy it. But you do not control it. You have no handle over that. It’s just there for you. It may be there today, but, without a structure to get a solid hold on it, it may be gone tomorrow. And you cannot build a structure out of thin air. You need serious effort, commitment and dedication.

Saturn in synastry is where the glue will be applied. If you do have a lot of flowing aspects but no glue, the house will collapse. Subsequently, if you have more glue than nice aspects, your house will feel restrictive, too small, inhibiting.

Hard aspects will create more struggle (and drama). Squares will work out like a press, applying forces to whatever planets they are touching, making them change their shape in a long and rather painful process. Oppositions will swing back and forth between periods of restraint and periods of easiness. But, in the end, this balance must end, otherwise the energies of those involved in the relationship will be depleted. Conjunction will be felt like a continuous pressure.

Flowing aspects are rather useful, especially those between both Saturns. They will provide a sense of commitment that’s is very appealing for someone mature enough to want a one-on-one relationship. But even in this case, there will be some serious delays. And a big slice of drama, too.