Venus And Saturn In Natal Chart

These two planets are perhaps the most important modifiers in someone’s personal life. When combined, interesting effects can be witnessed.

Venus is love, social life, harmony. Saturn is restriction, limitation, structure. One is oriented on the outside, the other on the inside. One is laughing, the other one is frowning. One is encouraging, bursting with energy, the other one is inhibiting. One opens you to new energy fields, the other one is depriving you of energy. One is youth, the beginning of life, the other one is about old people and the end of life.

Venus Conjunct Saturn In Natal Chart

There is a feeling of being contained with this placement. Feelings may run high, but their expression is drastically limited. There is a certain lack of spontaneity that tampers the appearance of the individual.

With Saturn and Venus there is always confusion or a mix of energies between young and old. With conjunction, what you get is that people are often looking ageless, or they already feel like experienced, old beings. On the good side, they’re reliable, they don’t fall at any corner for somebody else, but on the downside, it may take them a really long time until their wheels are actually starting to move. Once in action though, they’re hard to stop.

Even when they’re in love, they have a really hard time expressing their feelings. Shyness, seriousness, containment and a deep fear of rejection will  make them feel distant and to act with extreme caution. Partnerships are extremely difficult, because, on one side, they do have the stamina to enter and sustain even the most difficult relationship, but on the other side their standards run high, and they can be really picky and hard to live with.

Venus Opposition Saturn In Natal Chart

There’s a constant balance between exuberance and shyness, between optimism and pessimism. If, in the conjunction, the person is all the time too serious and inhibited by Saturnine energies, in the opposition, these energies are each at another end of the stick. So, one moment you’re optimistic and tender, and the next moment depression kicks in and you’re all down and cold.

The depression moments will make the bursts of optimism feel even more awkward, and the joy and exhilaration will always be shadowed by the dark side of the Saturn. This swing back and forth is really tiring, to the point that people start to contain, or to maintain themselves in a “no man’s land”, somewhere in between. So, in order to avoid these swings, people with this placement are often looking neutral, or at least they try to find a neutral point between these energies. Unfortunately, for many of them, this translates into a complete withdrawal from the world, into isolation or “nothingness”.

Physically, they will reverse the natural cycle: when young, they’ll look old, but they will age beautifully. It’s very common that people with this placement may look 10 or 20 years younger, once they’re past their thirties.

The key for them is to integrate these tendencies, not to eliminate both. That means that they should own the fact that their loving energies and their containing energies are at opposite poles, but they’re not invalidating each other. On the contrary, they may give two different perspectives. It’s ok to be childish and vulnerable now, and to express structure and stamina next day. This is how they are, and they are like this for a reason. If they can achieve this point of integration, people with this placement may become good teachers, parents or guides.

Venus Trine / Sextile In Natal Chart

This is pretty much a blessing, because in this configuration the two planets are “giving each other a break”. There is a certain buzz around these people, like you may feel the fact that, underneath their cozy and relaxed appearance something runs really deep, but most of the time they can keep it under control. Patience meets enthusiasm in these individuals and they’re very good partners. When they enter a partnership, they’re attentive, but not reluctant, they’re honest, but not cautious. In other words, their loving, chaotic side and their structured, contained side, are in sync. They know when to use one or another.

Very often they’re working as counselors and for a good reason: they can identify clearly both the light and the dark side of anything and they can help other people integrate both of them.