Retrograde Venus In Natal Chart

Retrograde Venus in a natal chart can create real problems. I know that from experience: it happens that my natal Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. And, to make things even more interesting, it sits in my tenth house. But we’ll get back to that later.

If you read the description of Venus from this site, you know already this:

In astrology, Venus represents the love, pure and simple, refinement, the tendency to indulge. In a natal chart, Venus shows how we approach relationships, generally speaking, as well as what gives as pleasure.

Well, when all this goes retrograde (read: “twisted, deepened, karmic tainted”) things can go several ways.

The first, and the most popular interpretation, is that Venus carries on karmic lessons about misunderstood love. The native had a hard time experiencing love, which, again, could manifested in various forms. It may be that he or she was hurt too much and, in time, grew some protection walls, some self-defense mechanisms which, in order to avoid wounds, prevented love in its entirety to reach in. These are the shy, the fearful, the people who are running away at the first sign of intimacy, or at the smallest request for commitment. They’re often mistaken as being emotionally amputated, when, in fact, they long for emotional closeness, only the wounds they still carry are not yet healed. Among them, though, there are some which are actually emotionally cold. Their “feeling reserves” drained out, their inner emotional field is a desert. These are usually people who are not afraid of intimacy, but who are also not capable of giving anything back at the emotional level. They relate, but in a cold, flat way. Again, it’s not that they don’t want to relate emotionally, but their retrograde Venus indicate a karmic baggage that completely consumed them in another life.

The second interpretation is that people who have Venus retrograde abused love, one way or another. They either created strong attachments, or took advantage of their partners somehow. Either way, their love was mixed up with some use and abuse of the other person. These natives usually go from failed relationship to failed relationship, in an unconscious attempt to relive and to solve their internal problem. Very often,  they’re subject to direct abuse in public, in one form of another.

Another manifestation of retrograde Venus is what we usually cal low self-esteem. Because of their inability to understand and internalize love, these natives not only show signs of coldness towards other people, but also towards themselves. Remember that retrograde Venus tells a story about love, about passion, so natives with this sign usually carry a beautiful posture, they’re good looking. But if you ask them how they feel about themselves they’ll blow you away with their insecurity and bad self-opinion. If there’s a strong hit from Saturn, problems can transform in real psychological traumas and natives usually need therapy, or some sort of constant healing activity.

Overcoming Retrograde Venus Effects

Ok, I know this sounds pretty scary, and, to some extent, believe me, it really is. But every problem has a solution. Or, how some friend of mine used to say: I don’t see problems, only lessons. So, how could one understand retrograde Venus’ lesson and how can we minimize its painful effects?

First of all, if you know you have Venus retrograde in your chart please create this habit: whenever you enter into a relationship, try to breathe first for 5 seconds. I’m kidding, but I guess you got my point. The idea is that every relationship is a lesson for you, more than it is for other people. And, for that, you should be at least very aware (if not circumspect) of what are you going to embrace. Or, in other words, make sure you have more awareness directed towards your relationships than you usually do.

Second, try to surround yourself with beauty. And I mean it. Even if you don’t understand art (chances are, with a retrograde Venus, that you really don’t) surround yourself with nice objects. Read on about matching colors, about proportions, try to create a balanced space. You’re far more affected than other persons by the lack of (or the excess of, for what matters) beauty around you.

Third, learn to accept. Among all soft spots we have, love is the most sensitive and that’s where you have to take some hits. Growing a thick skin is not an option here, on the contrary. And this process will be rather painful. But one thing that will really help you go through it with minimum loss will be acceptance: prepare yourself for anything, don’t make plans, don’t create attachments, let go of the things or persons that don’t really matter in your life, no matter how hard it will look in the first few days.

Retrograde Venus In Scorpio, Tenth House

As I said, my own testimonial about retrograde Venus in Scorpio, in the Tenth house. I know gazillions of people. I really do. But I seldom get intimate with any of them. I’m socially aware, but I don’t like being in the public spot. Although I’m an entrepreneur for more than 14 years now, I always had a hard time asking for money in exchange of my work. I know, it sounds incredible, but believe me, that’s how it is.

On the personal level I entered too hastily in many relationship, some of which became really painful really soon. But, somehow, each and every one of these relationships proved to be useful to me. Not pleasant, but useful. They helped me become a better partner.

And when it comes to love, I can confirm: yes, Venus in Scorpio means love is actually on the same level with obsession for me. Now, I’ve said it. 🙂