The Astrology Of Love

We’re stardust. Our atoms are literally stardust and we carry away fragments of our solar system, and maybe of the entire Universe. Some of these fragments are attracting each other, some or rejecting each other. According to your own internal composition, we may find ourselves attracted towards a certain type of person. We usually call this love. Whatever draws us towards other people, in such a powerful way, sometimes even obfuscating our common sense and logical thinking, we pack this under the name of “love”.

In a personal astrological charts there are many indicators of the ideal mate. For instance, in a woman chart, Mars will tell more about her sexual preferences and what she considers to be “male”. In a man chart, it’s Venus which gives us hints about what turns the guy on. But before that, we may draw some rough conclusion starting from the solar sign, or the zodiac sign under which we were born.

Even at this level we can discern some fundamental vibes and traits that may draw some signs to one another. But keep in mind that, in order to properly understand the complexity of a relationship before two human beings, a lot more must be pondered. Those brief description are given only as general guidelines and things to have in mind, but a more detailed analysis will have to analyze both the synastry (the charts of the two individuals, layered on top of each other) and the composite chart (the chart of the relationship itself). Even in this case, a lot of the potential described in a chart may not be expressed, simply because the two individuals still have their free will and they can do whatever they want.

Keeping this in mind, read on these free astrology horoscope bits, to find out what your solar sign may have to say about who your ideal partner would be.