Cancer Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Cancer – Aries

Fire and water, a good combination. There is a deep attraction between these two individuals. The Cancer intuition will serve Aries well, while the courage of Aries will do good things for the self-esteem of Cancer. Things works best when roles are taken beforehand and respected. If anyone will try to put himself in the other shoes, there will be confusion and lack of understanding. If Aries will take the lead, leaving Cancer to silently influence things from the shadow, they’ll be just fine.

Cancer – Taurus

A great combination, in most cases. Mixing the Cancer sensitivity and the Taurus predictability and ability to resist through difficult times, this partnership has a great potential. Both partners are enjoying spending time around the house, and, unless they have some serious business commitments outside the homes space, they can even become a bit of loners or sociopaths. But, if they can properly balance their social life with their domestic pastimes, the relationship will be a fulfilling one.

Cancer – Gemini

Water and air, a swinging back and forth unity. The nature of Cancer, responsible, sensitive and nurturing can be very pleasing to the restless Gemini, until it breaks the perceived freedom. If Gemini will feel too confined by the domestic aspirations of Cancer, there will be some tension. On the other hand, Cancer will be soothed by the happy-go-lucky approach of Gemini, by their endless joy and optimism, but if the ice becomes too thin, they will tend to back up.

Cancer – Cancer

This can be a very pleasant or tiresome partnership, depending largely on how the two parts will split their attention towards one another. Both are more pleased with giving and, in a context where both are giving and no one is focused on receiving, that can create frustration. But the good news is that, at the emotional level, there will be a lot of compatibility. Both are empathic and open, and the main focus is to nurture the relationship and to strive towards common goals.

Cancer – Leo

A very sparkling union. There is a lot of potential here, based on the contrast between the open and courageous nature of Leo, which is met by the nurturing and protecting nature of Cancer. As long as Leo will take – and maintain – the lead, things can go smoothly. The danger is that, at times, Cancer will become over-protective – and sometimes will over-criticize Leo – arousing sentiments of frustration. Arguments are likely to appear from time to time, hence, the “sparkly” nature of this relationship.

Cancer – Virgo

Discipline meets protection. In many respects, these signs can have a mutually beneficial relationship. Emotionally speaking, there will be friction, though. Virgo feels love more in terms of analytical thinking and in doing stuff for the other, while Cancer express it at the emotional level, exactly where Virgo don’t want – or can’t – express in a very healthy way. There may be also danger of transforming this into a “business” relationship, where tasks and projects must be correctly handled in order to keep the emotional layer moderately healthy.

Cancer – Libra

A case of social meeting intimate. Most of the time, this tension between the need of Libra to go out and end express a certain sense of freedom, and the need for intimacy of Cancer, will be mostly ok. Both signs are pretty tolerant and they will rather smooth things out (sometimes with too much sugar coating) rather than arguing over them. But if there is too much “easy-going” socializing from the part of Libra, Cancer will feel threatened and tend to step back.

Cancer – Scorpio

Intense, nurturing and profound, these are a few keywords that are defining this union. Both water signs, with high running emotions, Scorpio and Cancer will have a rather hard time taking off, but if they really match, there will be potential for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship. There is a deep attraction for the mysterious Scorpio and, in turn, the Scorpio is attracted by the natural kindness and emotional power of Cancer. Of course, too much feeling can be dangerous, and especially Scorpio can become a little bit thrown off at times.

Cancer – Sagittarius

Disruptive tension and conflicting goals. If you’re after something powerful but which requires a lot of work, go on. But if you’re looking for something more tranquil, think twice. There is a certain incompatibility at the core values level that will keep those individuals away. Although they do share a lot of attitudes towards life, like generosity and compassion, what they really want from one another is not there. They can make really good friends, but long term associations may be difficult to maintain.

Cancer – Aquarius

Improbably nice. At the first sight, there’s little holding these two characters together, but, if you look carefully, you’ll see a deep bond. They both share an unconditional love towards one another, and, most of all, they are first of all friends. In this case, the rebellious tendencies of Aquarius will be considered at best childish and forgivable. And truth is, they are just friendly explorations. Because they have a hard time fighting with each other, this couple can endure a long time, even if others may find the combination difficult.

Cancer – Capricorn

The rock solid partnership. These two opposed signs will always complete each other. The determined and structured Capricorn will always give a sense of stability and predictability to the emotionally fragile Cancer, and the later one will be very pleased to feel protected and safe. The lack of enthusiasm of Capricorn is pondered by the unstoppable vitality and determination of Cancer. Even if they share a relationship for a short time, they will get along very well.

Cancer – Pisces

Confusion and instability. Too much water and blending into the universal consciousness will make this partnership confusing. Although emotions are running high, the lack of predictability and the overall confusion will make this partnership really unstable. Of course, there will be a lot of romanticism involved, and, for a while, things can go incredibly well. But, at some point, the tension will become hard to handle for both and things can get ugly.

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