Capricorn Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Capricorn – Aries

This could be a good combination, but only in business. The audacity of Aries will complete the analytical Capricorn in a good way. And the reserved nature of Capricorn will draw the Aries in, if only by curiosity. If they will approach the relationship in clear terms, there may be understanding. If not, the need for structure of the Capricorn will eventually put down the fire in Aries, and there will be frustration.

Capricorn – Taurus

A serious, structured approach towards life. Another business-like combination, this time a bit more in the public eye. Capricorn tend to take leadership in this couple, leaving the Taurus to take care of the domestic stuff, which is something that largely makes the later happy. There will be desire to get ahead in life, both in terms of social position and material possessions. In time, a certain dryness, or lack of enthusiasm will grow, slowly putting this relationship in a comfortable silence.

Capricorn – Gemini

A boss – employee type of approach. The cold and systematic Capricorn will find the Gemini playful approach appealing, while the Gemini will respect the tenure and the ability to get results of the Capricorn. Outside of a business type of relationship, this thing will not have many chances to survive, though. There’s too much neurotic reaction from Capricorn if the rules are broken, and Gemini are making a flagship out of their ability to playfully break the rules.

Capricorn – Cancer

The rock solid partnership. These two opposed signs will always complete each other. The determined and structured Capricorn will always give a sense of stability and predictability to the emotionally fragile Cancer, and the later one will be very pleased to feel protected and safe. The lack of enthusiasm of Capricorn is pondered by the unstoppable vitality and determination of Cancer. Even if they share a relationship for a short time, they will get along very well.

Capricorn – Leo

On and off. Now they’re ok, now they’re not. Despite the fondness for structure of the Capricorn, this union will be very shaky. Leo will feel most of the time trapped into limiting contexts, while Capricorn will be very afraid of Leo’s display of independence and pride. For short periods of time, their needs will be fulfilled, for they both have something that is lacking in the other one, but after that, their basic personalities will take over, pushing them apart.

Capricorn – Virgo

A boss – employer relationship, with a twist. These Earth signs are sharing a lot of common ground. They’re both calculated, attentive and analytical. As with all Earth signs, there will be a certain lack of enthusiasm, but this may be balanced by discipline and steadiness. The only issue that can arouse from time to time is who’s really leading the relationship. While this should be done naturally by the Capricorn, at times, he/she may feel the need to relax a bit and that could create confusion.

Capricorn – Libra

Difficult endeavors. The need for structure of the Capricorn may be felt like a burden by Libra at times. But, nevertheless, there is a solid fascination for the Capricornian ability to make things happening. Psychologically, the Capricorn may feel threatened at times by Libra’s display of independence and even by his taste. But if this inhibition can be neutralized, the two will form a lasting partnership, based primarily on mutual material interest, backed up by solid, although not spectacular, feelings of love and appreciation.

Capricorn – Scorpio

The builder and the initiator. Most of the time, this is very soothing combination. It’s like these two are coming together to comfort each other. One is stubborn and practical, the other one is inquisitive and persistent, in an obsessive way. The danger is that they will focus too much on the common goal they want to achieve, and less on the relationship itself. They’re master at creating and maintaining resources, but emotional bonding may be at times difficult to manage. If they’re able to create any emotional bonding at all.

Capricorn – Sagittarius

Complementarity and tension. There is a certain bond here, mostly based on the fact that, while one wants to travel the world and back, the other wants to see, or provide, the support needed for that. There is potential for a fulfilling relationship as long as they both keep different tabs for who is doing what, and Capricorns are well known for that. A possible drawback could be noted in the area of too much experimentation from the part of Sagittarius, which could become a source of frustration for Capricorn.

Capricorn – Aquarius

Potential for reform. Although this relationship may not be an easy one, it should be useful to both parties. Historically, both signs share the same rules, Saturn, which makes them kinda stubborn, organized and analytical. Add in a bit of revolt from the Aquarius and you get an interesting combination. These couple usually get involved in large social projects or dedicate their life together to bigger purposes. There is a lack of affection, though, which may make the partnership a bit dull at times.

Capricorn – Capricorn

A business tale. Pretty much every step in this type of relationships looks like a contract. These two share a deep understanding of the business world and they tend to apply this to their personal lives as well. They’re quite cautions when they advance in the relationship and because of this, it may look like they don’t even have one for a long period of time. However, after these initial stages are burned, which may take a while, that’s true, the relationship will be a very steady one, and that includes an earthly, solid sexuality too.

Capricorn – Pisces

Back and forth. Although imbalanced, this relationship holds a lot of potential. Because of the unmistakable mystery and charisma of the Pisces and the grounding approach of the Capricorn, interesting structure may appear and get dissolved at times. Eventually, the instability of the relationship gets accepted and they can both focus on sharing what they have and enjoy it for what it is, rather than for what they can build upon. But there will be a lot of swinging back and forth until they reach this point.

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