Leo Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Leo – Aries

The constant question between these two individuals will be “who’s in charge?”. Leo will want to be the magnanimous leader, while Aries will try to act like maverick, shaking things up and trying to challenge the status quo. There won’t be any boredom here, but there won’t be any silent ride either. At times, the fire in those two may explode in sudden, uncontrollable bursts. The good news is that these fights won’t leave scars and they will be able to make out really fast.

Leo – Taurus

Mix leaders with strategy and you get a public partnership. The need for show-off (even in the good sense of it) of  Leo, will push away Taurus at times, he loves privacy too much to get such a big exposure. But, if there’s business involved, it will do. Leo will be attracted to the Taurean taste for luxury and refinement, finding it a suitable surrounding for his native magnanimity. Sometimes, the intimacy may be shaky with these two, a feeling of not being at ease slowly undermining the relationship.

Leo – Gemini

Audacious and powerful Leo will find a loyal follower in the Gemini person. They both share the pleasure of being the public spot, or, if not that, at least the pleasure to perform in front of each other. They both can appreciate a good laughter and Leo’s generosity will find a consistent consumer in Gemini (regardless of the gender, the Gemini person will tend to relay a bit too much on Leo’s resources). When things get serious, Gemini will feel protected and Leo needed. A fine combination.

Leo – Cancer

A very sparkling union. There is a lot of potential here, based on the contrast between the open and courageous nature of Leo, which is met by the nurturing and protecting nature of Cancer. As long as Leo will take – and maintain – the lead, things can go smoothly. The danger is that, at times, Cancer will become over-protective – and sometimes will over-criticize Leo – arousing sentiments of frustration. Arguments are likely to appear from time to time, hence, the “sparkly” nature of this relationship.

Leo – Leo

Two accomplices. Both also two pride individuals. Most of the time, a Leo-Leo combination will work out smoothly. There is a mutual understanding of each other nature and needs. There’s also a need to be seen and appreciated, and, if the overall context of the relationship allows that (a consistent circle of friends, for instance) things will go on really good. If not, one or both will want to seek recognition somewhere else, but even if they do that, there will be a lot of mutual respect and understanding.

Leo – Virgo

Master and servant. This combination has the potential of becoming unbalancing but fulfilling. Virgo needs somebody else to take the lead – or at least the responsibility of the relationship – while Leo will be pleased to be considered the boss and call all the shots. It’s easy to see the lack of balance here, In time, Virgo will need to step up and take more responsibility and Leo will have to give up the stage to his partner too. But even in this unbalancing state, the relationship as a fulfilling nature that is pleasing to both.

Leo – Libra

A case of fragility. There is much attraction here. But there is also a lot of frailty, especially from the part of Libra. The need to have beautiful things or enjoy luxurious surroundings will run deep. There is so much fun that, at times, they will need to cover up the parts of the relationship that doesn’t work, in the name of beauty. Of course, these parts, unprocessed, will erupt with even more power and destabilize the relationship. If this need to have a fairy tale will be balanced with a more mundane approach, the relationship will endure.

Leo – Scorpio

Two chiefs holding a party. This a very powerful combination, provided that a certain things are kept under control. First of all, Scorpio should assume a humbler role, leaving Leo in the spot light (at least publicly). Second, Leo should exert more understanding toward what he considers to be “the moods” of Scorpio. Other than that, they both understand and complete each other, and they do this with much vigor and energy. This will be a fulfilling and enduring partnership, even if, at times, electric currents will run high in the basement.

Leo – Sagittarius

Explorers and friends. That’s what best defines the potential of this relationship. Both fire signs, ready to take on risks, they have little interests for a domestic life. Sharing adventures will be more appealing to them than sharing a house. If they can do that together, they will also create some form of mutual respect, which, in the long run, can keep things from falling apart. There will be enthusiasm, but not much tenderness. At times, depression and loneliness can occur.

Leo – Aquarius

The electric excitement. Leo and Aquarius can be very good together, the secret is not to try to do this for a long time. If they confine themselves in a relationship too tight, very soon things will explode. But if they can keep separate agendas and just enjoy some time together, they’ll experience a magical bond. There will be unexpected ups and downs, but both will enjoy them, as both have the need for surprise and challenge in their life. There is also a protective side of Leo that Aquarius will find very pleasing.

Leo – Capricorn

On and off. Now they’re ok, now they’re not. Despite the fondness for structure of the Capricorn, this union will be very shaky. Leo will feel most of the time trapped into limiting contexts, while Capricorn will be very afraid of Leo’s display of independence and pride. For short periods of time, their needs will be fulfilled, for they both have something that is lacking in the other one, but after that, their basic personalities will take over, pushing them apart.

Leo – Pisces

Bursts of mystery and confusion. As in any Piscean context, there will be a lot of romance and mystery involved, especially in the beginning. The heroic side of Leo will made him feel compelled to “save”the Pisces, only to realize immediately after that the other one doesn’t need rescue, but even more mystery. And protection, at the same time. It’s easy to see how, even if the initial attraction is strong, this will not fit in any standard combination. But when exceptions occur, they are really long lasting.

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