Libra Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Libra – Aries

A case of attraction. There is an almost irresistible pull of Aries towards the refined and sophisticated Libra. There will be a lot of courting involved, a lot of romantic vibration going on, and it will only grow bigger in time. Libra will feel mesmerized by the roughness and courage of Aries, and, if there won’t be any major frictions from other areas of the chart, the two will make a charming couple. As with any fire-air combination, there is a danger of superficiality, though.

Libra – Taurus

A fine arts partnerships. The most important binding will be the love of beautiful things or activities related to fine arts. There is a clear affinity between these two individuals, even if they express it in rather different ways. But, in this case, the combination will rather complement each other, not put them on opposite positions. The danger here is to indulge too much, something that the Taurus knows very well doing, and what Libra will dramatically pick up.

Libra – Gemini

A good match, but still too much above the clouds. The sense of humor of Gemini is smoothed by Libra’s love of beautiful things. Socially speaking, these two are a perfect pair. As a matter of fact, there is a tendency to consume the relationship excessively in the public eye, rather than in the intimacy of a home. If they are isolated from social contacts for too long, depression, and a sense of alienation may occur. The instability and superficiality are still present, but less than in other Gemini combinations.

Libra – Cancer

A case of social meeting intimate. Most of the time, this tension between the need of Libra to go out and end express a certain sense of freedom, and the need for intimacy of Cancer, will be mostly ok. Both signs are pretty tolerant and they will rather smooth things out (sometimes with too much sugar coating) rather than arguing over them. But if there is too much “easy-going” socializing from the part of Libra, Cancer will feel threatened and tend to step back.

Libra – Leo

A case of fragility. There is much attraction here. But there is also a lot of frailty, especially from the part of Libra. The need to have beautiful things or enjoy luxurious surroundings will run deep. There is so much fun that, at times, they will need to cover up the parts of the relationship that doesn’t work, in the name of beauty. Of course, these parts, unprocessed, will erupt with even more power and destabilize the relationship. If this need to have a fairy tale will be balanced with a more mundane approach, the relationship will endure.

Libra – Virgo

Beauty and steadiness. There is a certain compatibility here, mostly based on the complementarity of the signs: one is inclined towards analysis, the other one is expressing and appreciating beauty. There will be stubbornness, though, and much of the relationship depends on how this stubbornness is handled. If it’s creatively used towards maintaining the relationship course, then it will be allright. If it’s used to prove petty facts or situations, then it will dry out the entire story pretty soon.

Libra – Libra

There is a certain flow in this relationship. Naturally inclined towards appreciation of everything that’s beautiful and harmonious, these two will soon find some common ground. Most often than not, though, the relationship will be external, or a bit of a show off. Intimacy is difficult, although the communication goes really good. Also, there is a clear tendency of avoiding anything that looks like a chore os has the potential of becoming boring. Other than that, a fine relationship.

Libra – Scorpio

Beauty and the beast. There is a great tension between these two partners: Libra is mesmerized (although without showing it too much) by Scorpio’s depth and mystery, while the later is attracted by Libra’s charms like  nothing else. It’s a hide and seek game, because neither one wants to catch – or be catch – for the other one. It’s a forbidden fruit for both of them, as they know that a committed interaction will annihilate both of them. With ups and downs assumed, this relationship can go a long way.

Libra – Sagittarius

The explorer and the muse. Sagittarius will feel inspired by Libra and the last one may feel a certain attraction for the exacerbated spiritual side of Sagittarius. But Neptune (Sagittarius) talking to Libra (Venus) will never go over the fogginess level. There might be a lot of pure love, but at the sexual level things may get blocked after a while. If Libra will not be centered, there is a clear potential for disappointment, as Sagittarius will always have a hidden agenda, ready to be used at the slightest sign of attachment.

Libra – Aquarius

Two refined – but kinda odd – friends. There is a strong bond, but also a lot of detachment in this combination. The need for freedom is big, on both parts, and commitment may not be the main theme of this partnership. But even in this case, the two will form a reliable pair, because they share the same life goals or visions. They’re both humanitarian and empathetic, with a dash of class. If a long term commitment is not required, this could be a very fine relationship.

Libra – Capricorn

Difficult endeavors. The need for structure of the Capricorn may be felt like a burden by Libra at times. But, nevertheless, there is a solid fascination for the Capricornian ability to make things happening. Psychologically, the Capricorn may feel threatened at times by Libra’s display of independence and even by his taste. But if this inhibition can be neutralized, the two will form a lasting partnership, based primarily on mutual material interest, backed up by solid, although not spectacular, feelings of love and appreciation.

Libra – Pisces

Evasion and confusion. The instability of Libra will meet the melting potential of Pisces. Indecision, lack of orientation and a dreamy feeling, these are the main themes of this relationship. These are those couples that feel – and look – out of this world. Needless to say that such a partnership has a big potential for disappointment and delusion. But, in rare occasions, this may also transform into on of those stories about unconditional love that we get to read in poems or novels.

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