Virgo Love and Compatibility Horoscope

Virgo – Aries

A rather slow combination. If any of these will decide to enter a partnership, there will be a constant need for recalibration. Virgo will try to put down the fire in Aries, either by logically combating, or simply by retreating. Aries will be constantly challenged to change Virgo’s ways of acting and thinking. At times, both of them will have a sense of going nowhere, and there will be a lack of understanding. The key word here is “communication”. If they can work this out, the partnership, as slow as it may appear, will be a steady one.

Virgo – Taurus

A silent, long lasting partnership. Two earth signs, with a penchant to analysis and righteousness. If there’s a mutual goal, they will strive together to get there, and in most cases they’ll do just fine. But there is a lack of enthusiasm floating above them, like they’ll find the partnership burdensome. Even it’s not joyful, the partnership will be durable, but not without ups and downs. The keywords here are determination, tenacity and persistence, rather than joy and exhilaration.

Virgo – Gemini

Why so serious? This union can go in a sort of check-mate more often than not. There’s a blocking energy from the Virgo person which is very powerfully perceived by the Gemini person. A tendency to over-analyze can also be present on both parts, which can make communication difficult: although on the surface there’s a lot of words exchanging, there isn’t too much meaning going on. More often than not, love is intellectualized, rather than felt. Platonic relationships are very common with this combination.

Virgo – Cancer

Discipline meets protection. In many respects, these signs can have a mutually beneficial relationship. Emotionally speaking, there will be friction, though. Virgo feels love more in terms of analytical thinking and in doing stuff for the other, while Cancer express it at the emotional level, exactly where Virgo don’t want – or can’t – express in a very healthy way. There may be also danger of transforming this into a “business” relationship, where tasks and projects must be correctly handled in order to keep the emotional layer moderately healthy.

Virgo – Leo

Master and servant. This combination has the potential of becoming unbalancing but fulfilling. Virgo needs somebody else to take the lead – or at least the responsibility of the relationship – while Leo will be pleased to be considered the boss and call all the shots. It’s easy to see the lack of balance here, In time, Virgo will need to step up and take more responsibility and Leo will have to give up the stage to his partner too. But even in this unbalancing state, the relationship as a fulfilling nature that is pleasing to both.

Virgo – Virgo

A business association. Natives are so shy and oriented towards analysis, that this union may look more like a business partnership than a romance. It will also start slow, develop really hard, but once it’s established, it has a really good chance to be a long-standing one. Both partners seem to enjoy the status-quo, the predictability as well as the sense of easiness that comes with that. The only problem in this is that enthusiasm, as well as flamboyance, will be completely absent.

Virgo – Libra

Beauty and steadiness. There is a certain compatibility here, mostly based on the complementarity of the signs: one is inclined towards analysis, the other one is expressing and appreciating beauty. There will be stubbornness, though, and much of the relationship depends on how this stubbornness is handled. If it’s creatively used towards maintaining the relationship course, then it will be allright. If it’s used to prove petty facts or situations, then it will dry out the entire story pretty soon.

Virgo – Scorpio

There is a deep attraction here, between the reserved and calculated Virgo and the tempestuous and passionate Scorpio. In certain cases, the relationship may work relatively well, but both should pay extra attention to how they communicate. It’s very easy for the analytical Virgo to cool down the audacity of the Scorpio, and the latter will constantly feel the need to challenge Virgo into more risky adventures. If they can strike a balance on this tension, there will be much to be taken from this.

Virgo – Sagittarius

Too much tension. There is a certain restlessness that poisons this relation. Although there will be a lot of mutual respect, admiration, and even attraction, the tension between the open boundaries searched and soothed by Sagittarius and the confinement that will keep Virgo comfortable, will eventually tear it down. It may survive, but there will be a constant need to create a lot of space between the players, otherwise the tension will explode, with irreparable damages.

Virgo – Aquarius

Curiosity and playfulness. These are the two binding stripes of this rather strange, but nevertheless exciting, relationship. There is a certain curiosity that runs deep between these two, as one will constantly try to uncover, in a playful and joyful way, the other one’s secrets. That would be the Aquarius, of course. While Virgo, because of the tender approach, will feel quite fascinated and please with this type of attention. The danger here is that when the curiosity is satisfied, the relationship will also be consumed.

Virgo – Capricorn

A boss – employer relationship, with a twist. These Earth signs are sharing a lot of common ground. They’re both calculated, attentive and analytical. As with all Earth signs, there will be a certain lack of enthusiasm, but this may be balanced by discipline and steadiness. The only issue that can arouse from time to time is who’s really leading the relationship. While this should be done naturally by the Capricorn, at times, he/she may feel the need to relax a bit and that could create confusion.

Virgo – Pisces

An impossible reaction. The contact between these two signs is very special. If it happens at all, that is. Because there is a natural obstacle, created by the shyness of Virgo and the lack of fixation of Pisces which will keep them apart. If it happens at all, it’s most of the time a deep karmic bond, in which one, or both players, have a consistent payback to solve. As such, the relationship will feel more like a burden by both and it will be plagues with a lot feelings of inadequacy and depression.

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