Venus and Saturn in Synastry

The last two blog posts about Venus and Pluto, respectively Venus and Mars in synastry proved to be quite popular, so I decided to move the needle a little bit, towards an area less spectacular, but nevertheless extremely important: the Venus Saturn synastry.

It’s about the connection between Venus – our sense of beauty and harmony, our social approach and perception of love – and Saturn – our unconscious fears, appetence for discipline (or lack of it) and our capacity to be tested and to learn from these tests.

Quite the contrast, right?

Well, at the superficial level, every contact between Venus and Saturn in a synastry chart could be “problematic”. The energies seem to be in a continuous conflict. The tendencies seem to be in opposite directions. The keyword syntagm is “seem to be”. Because, beyond the superficial level, every contact between Venus and Saturn in synastry yearns for a profound bond and for a lasting connection. The flirtatious nature of Venus, always searching pleasure for the sake of pleasure will be obviously annoyed by that. And the obsessive control freak outbursts of Saturn will definitely be baffled by the lack of responsibility of Venus, who cannot conceive to be put in a box.

But deep down, the need for security is there, for both, and there is this strange attraction towards the Saturnine energies and towards the uncensored experimentation of beauty, only the steps are slow and cumbersome. The Saturn and Venus dance is, at least in the beginning, a string of awkward stumbling in detours.

More often than not, contacts between Venus and Saturn can depict a relationship with a significant age difference. Or a relationship which stretches for large periods of time, with up and down periods measured in years or dozens of years.

The Saturn Role

In the relationship, the Saturn person will play the role of the “teacher” or of the older person, even if she or he is younger than the other one. There is this feeling of “having the upper hand” in the relationship, based not only on expectations or attraction, but mostly based on a certain intuition of doing what’s right.

The Saturn person may delay, may wait longer than usual, may ask for commitment signs or may step back in key moments, in an attempt to control the gracious and unpredictable behavior of the Venus person.

The Saturn person may also be the one who feels “hurt” most of the time, although, in fact, is he or she the one who inflicts emotional wounds, with or without knowledge. His deep insecurity is covered with a thick layer of discipline and commitment but even this thick layer can be melted at times by the warmth of the Venus person.

And when this happens, during those brief periods of vulnerability, the relationship can grow in leaps and bounds, provided that the Saturn person will be able to let go of control and trust the beauty without expecting anything in return.

The Venus Role

The Venus person will play the role of the “conqueror”, or it will lead the way, in some form of the other, regardless of the gender. The Venus energy will spread across like a continuous, tender and gracious spring, defusing any fight with a smile, always saving the day with a joke or projecting an aura of desirability on any object or person around. That specific talent, of making everything desirable or lovable is what attracts Saturn the most.

Packed in this role there is, alas, a significant dose of superficiality. Although he or she is obviously and honestly in love with the Saturn person, that doesn’t mean the Saturn person is the only one who deserves to be loved. There’s love to be cast unto every object or person in the room.

The lack of commitment is real, and, more often than not, this specific encounter appears in the life of the Venus person specifically because of that, because of the inconsistency and lack of commitment which may have become chronic. If the Saturn person needs to learn how to be vulnerable, the Venus person needs to learn how to commit to other persons or even to his or her own promises.

In For The Long Haul

Despite this inherent difficulties, contacts between Venus and Saturn in a natal chart can tell a very long story. Even if it starts slow (or perhaps because of that) relationships that overcome their incipient difficulties will last for a long time.

Once Saturn learns his vulnerabilities, he or she may become the pillar of a strong foundation, one that can last for a lifetime. And once Venus learns how to settle, how to focus on a single person, he or she will add a new layer to their charming glow, one that will say “I know how to love responsibly and I thoroughly enjoy it”.


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